This one is one of the handsets that is always in the news. There were innumerable rumors regarding the leakage of the phone, though it is yet to be released there were many who were fooled in the hand s of frauds. Being the most expected handset of the year, it is the most awaited from the company of LG, life is good and this phone is too good to be owned and to make one’s life even sweeter. The smartest among the latest version of Lg makes this the happening one, they tend to be the best by the company and the team with a great number of variety features added on to them.

The Lg company is become the Quad core successor in the motivational promotion of this new android phone, every single chip is carefully built and the outside of the phone from the panel to the keypad is made in the brand new style of a lot of innovativeness and ideas. Everything installed in it is the latest addition in the world of technology itself. This new and the solid introduction have led to the appreciation phase of the Lg Company itself. People have begun to buy the phone in block, believing that this is the newest model being released. Unfortunately, those phones were proved fake and this upset most of them.

The new monster phone has become the most wanted in the market, people are just queuing up to buy the phone, a grand welcome by the middle class masses is rendered . The awaiting moment makes the folks look forward to the quickest release of this new model. The most powered monster phone is on its sway and is surely, going to stun the entire world with its great glam.

Though, it looks like a traditional; smart phone, there are sufficient new add on’s along with the android that rules the specification column of the phone. The Lg model features a gargantuan that is almost a 4.7-inch display it runs up to 720 mega pixels it makes it look like quiet a phone that can rule the world. This handset version or model is a little larger than all the other Xperia phones or any other galaxy phones that have been released in the market. The 1.3 Mp front facing camera offers a lot of clarity and there is a high image resolution as well.

It is made up of a hardware that is more affordable and easily bent. The expansion and the support system of the memory makes the phone very lively and there is a calmness created in the minds of the owner, the entertainment is of the best level. The 9mm chassis and the 16Gb Memory card can be utilized to the greatest extent and this feature makes the huge storage capacity to extend even more, thereby leaving a trace o f the most wanted phone in the market. The sported 2000m Ah battery makes it last for a long span and has a real good battery backup capacity.

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