Fun Android Apps For Kids

Android is a near-universal operating system. It can be found on both phones and tablets. Apps are mostly designed with both in mind, meaning any android app has instant access to an online app market that includes a plethora of choice.

This also means that you have a new area to find entertainment for children. It can be difficult to keep children occupied, especially if they aren’t enjoying themselves. Yet there are many Android apps that achieve just that, offering the flexibility of smart devices with the openness of the Android system to provide plenty of fun apps for children.

TV and Freeview

Children love television. Of course, most households have a limited number of TVs, and it can be difficult to accommodate the many, many needs and wants from children.

Fortunately, there are various Freeview apps available for Android. These often offer HD streaming, allowing a second device in which to watch programmes. Of course, nothing beats the full effect of a TV and Freeview box, but the right app can provide a handy alternative when there’s a conflict of schedules.

Ant Smasher

Some of the best games and apps are those that use simple design ideas. Ant Smasher does exactly that. The game encourages you to squish ants with your finger, something that will please many children and parents alike.

However, the game then asks you to avoid smashing the bees. The simple ‘smash ants’ mechanic then becomes an increasingly challenging puzzle. This is bound to keep children occupied, the simple controls combined with the difficult gameplay providing a fun challenge. Best of all – Ant Smasher is free.

Angry Birds

Whilst it’s not aimed at kids directly, it’s hard to mention the words “fun” and “Android” without discussing Angry Birds. The game is a simple challenge using working physics to knock structures over. Not only is it fun, it encourages tactical and logical thinking. If you’ve played it already, you’ll know that children will love it. If you haven’t, then this is something both you and your children will appreciate.

How To Make Paper Airplanes

Sometimes a name says it all. This app, as you may have guessed, teaches you to make paper airplanes. More than just the typical, traditional aeroplane, this app has various designs available. With more complex and fascinating designs in the app, How To Make Paper Airplanes allows children to do something practical and constructive. Yet it also provides something that’s fun to do, as the children are rewarded with paper airplanes for their efforts.


This game is an odd hybrid between the likes of Bejewelled and Scrabble. Put simply, Dropwords encourages you to find three or more letters, connected in a grid, that spell a word. Find one, and the letters slide down to fill the gaps as more letters descend. It’s a simple yet addictive mechanic, similar to Bejewelled, whilst there are obvious educational benefits, similar to scrabble, that encourages children to

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