What’s Next After 3D?


Televisions have come on leaps and bounds from the days of the 100kg grey box with bunny ears. Recently 3D TV became one of the most exciting advancements to hit the small screen, with companies like Curry’s providing dozens of options for customers seeking the 3D TV experience. There’s no more need for cumbersome 3D specs, and many brands pride themselves in their sleek design, HD quality picture and engrossing 3D TV experience. With TVs getting smarter by the day, what’s next for the future of television?

The 2012 Olympics saw the dawn of Super Hi-Vision screenings, with incredible high quality definition, making the experience of watching TV certainly the next best thing to being there live. In fact, the Olympics have often been the occasion for debuting the best in broadcast technology. Both colour TV in 1964 and HD TV in 1984 were previewed during the games.

Televisions today are as rapidly changing as computers—what was the bee’s knees one day is made to look obsolete in quite short order, and consumers are ever seeking a flatter, smarter upgrade. Interacting with your TV these days means a lot more that shouting at the football. The internet is everywhere and now smart TVs are revolutionising even the experience of watching your favourite sitcom. Recent research has shown that over half of smartphone users somehow incorporate their mobile phone usage into their television watching experience—whether it be to pass the time during commercial breaks or to tweet or text friends who are watching the same program.

TV producers and manufacturers alike are taking note of the trend and acting accordingly. It’s no surprise there have been murmurings for companies like Google and Apple to branch out into TV world. Social media marketers are certainly jumping on board, looking to harness the power of conversations already happening. Certainly more and more programmes will have dedicated hashtags, and seek to drive viewers to their websites—simple enough when the viewer has the power of the internet in the palm of their hand.

With the vogue for touch screen phones and tablets, surely we can’t be too far away from touchable TV. Imagine touchable TV in 3 dimensions! Yesterday’s science fiction is rapidly becoming today’s reality, and a TV that may have best suited the interior of the Starship Enterprise may soon become the centerpiece of your lounge.

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