Google is Designing a New Cross-Platform File Transfer System

Google FIle transfer

The world’s largest search engine behemoth has been diversifying its interest over the internet but within the IT boundaries. They have already swayed the global market with Android and its new play on technologies. […]

Sony’s Smartphone Business Continues to Struggle against the iPhone


Sony Corp. has reported a huge quarterly loss; the most recent report suggests that the Japanese multinational corporation has suffered seven times more loss than what it suffered same time last year. According to […]

Amazon’s Echo Speaker Alexa to Compete with Likewise of Siri

Amazon Echo

There is nothing like having a personal assistant, isn’t it? And that too when the assistant is as smart as our technologies, Yes, automation is on our way of life. We already have voice […]

Top Five Best Alternatives To Instagram

Instagram is a good photo editing app for Android but it is not the only app out there that you can use to edit your photos. As a matter of fact, there are a bunch […]

Top 5 Free Music Streaming Services

Buying music these days is not necessary, even if you are trying to go the legal route. Thanks to the music industry losing billions of dollars to piracy, many execs are starting to realize that […]

3 Lessons Tech Companies Can Learn From Gmail

I remember when Gmail was first announced by Google. I don’t think I was the only who rolled his eyes at the news. After all, Hotmail and Yahoo mail already dominated the online mail […]