Alienware M11x

Dell has released the latest Alienware Notebook or the first Netbook in the Alienware Family. It is acceptably small, thin and for that matter doesn’t have a built in DVD-Rom. It is funny how these laptop companies thought that Macbook Air was a bad idea, and guess what – now everybody is making Macbook Air.

I have been familiar with Alienware Computing System but I’ve never actually owned one because of the price. It is probably the best and coolest PC brand in the world. Technically if you hate Apple Macs, you have the reason to love Alienware. All Alienware branded PCs come with high-end computer hardwares which what makes it a powerful gaming system or a great companion for your 3D graphics works. You can check out all of their cool computing devices at their official website

What I’d really like to talk about today is this latest netbook called “Alienware M11x”. It is cheaper comparing to all the previous Alienwares; which gives me a reason to get one. The netbook comes with HD 720p display; it is lower end of High Definition display but certainly not bad for a netbook. I’ve been told that the gaming experience is tremendous! (well it is Alienware – gaming computer).

Another feature that makes me really wants to get one would be the sim card slot. It has this sim card slot that allows you to put simcard in it! (..obviously) Basically you would take out the sim card from your Apple iPhone and place it in your Alienware system. This allows you to use the network from your iPhone, and access 3G internet connection.

Personalization is another cool thing about Alienware. You can customize your Alienware’s Avatar, the back cover, software and more when purchasing the netbook online which is exactly what I’m going to do. Pretty much I don’t really have a choice since there are no offline retailers here in where-I-live.

What do you people think; should I get this Alienware or wait for the over-rated iPad?

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