The Future of Computing

I still remember back in the early 2000’s; I used to buy the motherboard, graphic cards, fancy PCI cards and all the epic equipments to build my very own PC. It was one of my unusual hobbies that I had back in those days when Desktops were the major computer device for most consumers. Today we have mobile phones and tablets; smaller internet devices that let us do email and internet browsing at our fingertips. Devices that are small enough to be inside our pockets are capable of replacing some of the tasks that could only be done in desktop computer many years ago.

Today smartphones have replaced most of the devices that we had with us a while ago. Take MP3 Players for example, they are slowly being replaced by smartphones. The declining sales of iPod shows that people don’t need a seperate device to listen to music.

The evolution of computer will become much slower…

The game of computer interface and multimedia contribution were changed with the introduction of iPhone back in 2007. If you don’t believe me have a look at how the iPhone looks like and compare that to how the other phones look like in the year 2007. There is no deny that phones that we’re seeing today have becoming more and more like the iPhone. With Steve Jobs gone; the evolution of computer might become affected.

The world is going mobile…

Things that were supposedly only capable of being produced only on Desktop Computers are slowly becoming available to mobile devices. With more mobile phone websites being made by web developers to fulfil the needs of mobile users, there’s no doubt that desktops are ‘soon to be gone‘. Developers are getting more support towards the creation of mobile compatible website and apps. Today, the number of web development tools to create free mobile website are increasing rapidly and becoming popular amongst the webmasters. Just think about it, let’s say if the iPad is capable of manipulating photos like the desktop could with Photoshop; will you still be using Photoshop on the desktop? Nope. Mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful every year and we are getting closer to see full version of Photoshop being available right on your iPhone!

Cloud Gets Personal…

The major problem with cloud computing today is ‘privacy’ concerns. The fact is clear that nobody in the world would want to trust Apple, Microsoft, or Google to keep all their private data in those cloud servers. In the next five years, we will see personal server or such device that will allow you to create your own cloud services that is stored somewhere in your garage or the attic.

What do you think computers will look like in the next five years from now? Will there still be desktops in the computer labs?

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