Reasons to ‘Stay Windows’

I was a Windows user who switched over to a Mac. What’s the difference? It is a ‘BIG’ difference, Mac is not just another computer, it has its own Operating System and it works differently than a windows based PC. You can buy that new Vaio laptop, or the latest Acer notebook but they are still Windows based PCs. Apple is the only other player in the desktop / personal computer industry.

Most people who have switched over to a Mac often tell other people how great a Mac really is and how much it is superior to any other PCs. However there are certain things that you should look out for before getting that brand new Mac. Apple Mac is a great machine, but you have to get ready to make a few changes. If you don’t like these changes then Mac might not be suitable for you.

No More Games

Sure, there are some games that are made for Mac. However, the experience is not the same. This might change in the future with ‘Mac App Store’ but for now the most you could download from ‘Mac App Store’ is Angry Birds.

If There’s No Alternative. You Might Not Like It

Not all applications available on Windows are made available for Mac. For example, I was having trouble trying to find a decent alternative application of Pinnacle Studio for Mac. There’s iMovie, but I don’t like iMovie very much because I was so used to Pinnacle Studio.

Dual-Boot Is Not For Everyone

You can install Windows on a Mac but not everyone would like the idea of having to choose an operating system every time they boot up the computer. Windows is not made for Mac; the experience of using it wouldn’t be the same.

The World is Windows

With Mac slowly gaining its Market share in the desktop computing market, Windows is still the most popular Operating System in the world. Over 80% of PC owners are using Windows OS. If you’re thinking about switching over to a Mac get ready to face compatibility issues here and there.

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