Windows 8 Unveiled

While the people at Apple is busy preparing the new Mac OS X Lion, the people at Microsoft are not left behind after all. They’ve been working on what is expected to be the next generation of Windows; The New Windows 8. The video of the new Windows 8 has been officially posted by the Microsoft Company entitled “Building “Windows 8″ – Video #1” available on YouTube.

What’s good and What’s bad?

I know that it is probably still just too early to make a comment on Windows 8 but based on the video we can see Microsoft’s approach on Operating System (OS) technology. What they are doing is simply unifying Tablet OS and PC OS. This is not a wrong approach but it is simply not the best approach that we can expect.

It is pretty much like putting Mac OS X into the iPad

The one big problem about Microsoft is that it will die when the PC era dies. In my opinion this could be the main reason why they are unifying Windows 8 by making it compatible all across devices from a laptop to various form factors of tablets.

What do you think about the new Windows 8? Will you buy it?

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