Adobe Creative Suite 5

The much awaited Creative Suite 5 has just been launched by Adobe, the giant in designing software. The revolutionary suite that has been the hottest weapon for the designers around the globe is getting much better with the latest version that makes even complicated designing works possible without having great efforts from the designers’ side. The built in templates and easy to use tools together help in creating real wonders. Some specific features to be noted include advanced 3D effects and extra video features.

The synonym to photo editing, Adobe Photoshop has grown to the next level in the creative suite 5 as the special tools meant to hide remnants of an edited photo are doing magic. The application that would help anyone in weaving their dreams on the web, Adobe Dreamweaver is all set to make the World Wide Web more colorful and fun with some unique features added to the latest version. Together with Flash, this application would re-define web designing. Illustrator and InDesign are also coming with some unique features that are capable of giving additional effects to everything designed. The perfect touch, a divine-like finishing is what the Creative Suite 5 is all about.

Photoshop CS5

To start with Photoshop, the intelligent tools include Content Aware Fill which would help in replacing a desired area with whatever area you wish to be there. In a broader sense, this shall be best feature in the new stuff as this would help hide any specific areas or objects with something else, while keeping the originality of the images.

The next big thing to be noted is the intelligent selection technology which is meant to make the selection process as accurate and simple as possible. In any advanced photo editing process, the perfect blend of art and technology should be appeared in the best possible way to create masterpieces, and this feature itself is a masterpiece in that sense.

May be a new venture from Adobe, but the advanced HDR processing technology is sure to make its impact in the Photoshop and related applications. This feature helps in giving HDR feel to a single image via giving complete control over the edge, pixels and color. Depending on how the selected area is changed using the controls, it gets a cartoony or funny look.

The redefined edge tool or smart radius is meant to make it easier when someone is working on the edge to make the narrow part visible or invisible. This microscopic work takes a lot of time and concentrated effort to get it completed properly and the newest version becomes an exception here.

The puppet warp is another option that is capable of handling advanced warp options on localized contents. This would help in bending and shaping pixels as much you like.

Advanced brushes are the very new tools that look cool in appearance and performance. The brush section is enhanced in such a way that a lot of built in functions are added. The mixer brush tool is a new weapon from Adobe that would assist in percentage of load, mix of color, wetness and flow from the menu bar.

Photographers are sure to love another feature of the latest version known as lens correction tool which is meant to correct the problems that arise during the photography session; yes, the designer can correct the mistakes of the photographer. This cool filter fixes many common errors such as chromatic aberrations in a couple of minute’s time.

The enhanced water mark tool and some added features in the tool options including the changes to clone tool, sharpen tool and crop tool are the other changes seen.

DreamWeaver CS5

We all know that the web is getting bigger and better everyday and the team behind that cute appearance of www, the designers is always trying their best to implement some newer features that would make the web appear more colorful and entertaining. In Dreamweaver CS5, the Live view feature and browser tab are born to give a new experience; both to designers and viewers.

The built in browser tab is there to view executed version of the page on the web, to preview if there any minor corrections are needed before setting it up to the real server.

The CSS styles panel would show the properties on hover and these will also be highlighted if configured that way.

The new inspect model is also capable of suggesting the best workplace model so that you will have them best of them all, without going for the unwanted ones to test.

The next intelligent feature added to the Dreamweaver CS5 is the dynamic discovery of related files and navigation in Live Vive.

Support to the most popular PHP based content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress can be another footprint that would lead to great changes in future.

Other changes to be noted are lack of support to HTML5 and the removal of smart pate feature

Illustrator CS5

While the total number of features or tools is getting reduced in each advanced versions, the available features in each categories are well versed in their areas and are doing wonders with the real execution of technology and creativity. The top features that are to be noted in Illustrator CS5 include Perspective Drawing, The Width tool and the Shape Builder Tool.

The perspective drawing tools include the perspective grid tool and the perspective selection tool. While the first one adds grids to the default page that can be modified visually, the second tool helps in scaling or moving objects in perspective.

A shape builder tool makes it easy to work with shapes and merge and subtract with overlapping areas.

InDesign CS5

The professional publishing arena was completely in the hands of Adobe till the entry of some tough competitors in the field who could really provide some better solutions. Those applications might have provoked Adobe as they are back with the InDesign pack with some added features that are meant to enhance productivity while keeping the software as simple as possible.

The improved graphics and text layout are having great roles in making some real changes in the effects that the application is going to make. The mini-bridge panel and option control panel are set in such a way that it can be configured even by a newbie.


The success and failure of any product is in the hands of users who are making use of it in the best possible way. The latest version of CS is really fun and powerful, but the acceptance among users is the real mark of success which shall be seen only after a couple of months. Let’s wait and see.

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