Free VS Paid Antivirus

If you’re using the Operating System which the majority of people are using (Windows); virus is a common threat. Why did hackers invent them? Well, viruses are helpful in a lot of unethical digital-marketing techniques including forcing buyers to buy certain products.

A great example would be when you go to a ‘bad-website‘ or any other website that contains offensive or illegal materials. These websites stored ‘cookies’ or worse ‘viruses’ into your computer system and you’ll see dozens of pop ups claiming ‘You have been Caught’ by CIA or federal laws etc. which then forces you to buy certain software in order to stop the CSI team from arresting you.

Anyway, now that you know why people invented virus you should know that every computer system needs an Antivirus Software.

There are three common sources of Computer Virus:

  1. When You Visit ‘Bad-Website’
  2. Downloaded Files from the Internet
  3. Pen Drives / External Mass Storage Devices

Why should you know this? Well, depending on how you use your computer, you might not need to buy Paid Antivirus; since Free Antivirus could be a reliable option.

I am currently using Avira Antivirus; a free antivirus software; which can be downloaded and registered online. I’ll be switching to paid antivirus; and you’ll know why.

There are gazillion of people coming to my house everyday and plug-in their Flash Drives into my PC and guess what; most of them contain viruses. Some of the viruses are high-risk viruses and sometimes they could bypass Avira Antivirus (especially those ‘Autoruns’ viruses – you don’t wanna mess with them) Lucky for me, I know how to manually remove them.

If you’re going to be plugging in some random flash drives or any other form of external storage devices; Free Antivirus like Avira or Avast won’t be much of help. You will need to get a better antivirus protection like Symantec or Kaspersky. This is because Free Antivirus Protection is only capable of protecting your privacy against “most” online threats. If you’re a light computer user, regularly download some random stuff from the web; I’m pretty sure you’ll be just fine with Free Antivirus Software.

One More Thing, I’d like to mention is ‘never download pirated copy of paid Anti-virus’. If you are a regular downloader, I know what’s going on your mind right now is to download one good copy of Premium Antivirus Software but trust me: IT IS NOT WORTH IT!

You will be downloading and receiving updates; this is when things get ugly. If you’re caught using cracked (pirated) version of a premium antivirus software; they won’t really ban you from using the services. They will hurt your PC by sending software updates that actually ruin your computer by making it runs slower etc. -You Have Been Warned-

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