Making Flash Presentation Without ActionScript

Yesterday, a good friend of mine ask me about Flash. He wanted to make a killer Flash Presentation but the problem is he doesn’t know how to use Adobe Flash.

Well, first of all you got to understand that there are three types of Multimedia Authoring Software which are being classified into three parts: ‘Beginner, Intermediate, and Professional’.

Beginner being something similar to ‘Turn your photo into a Painting kind of Apps‘, Intermediate would be something like Final Cut Studio or Microsoft Movie Maker, and Adobe Photoshop being professional.

To be honest; I don’t like this idea since I think ‘every software should be easy-to-use‘. However when you think about it, there isn’t really a possible way of including a billion features into a software and making it easy to use; at least not today.

Now to define ‘easy to use’ is really depending on one’s expertise in a certain area. For example if you’re good at editing photos maybe you would find Photoshop ‘easy to use’. For some people, they don’t even know what layers are in Photoshop, and until Adobe hasn’t figured something that can be ‘easier’ then layer management in Photoshop – we won’t have anything to replace ‘layers’ in Photoshop.

How Do You Make Killer Flash Presentation Without Any Knowledge of ActionScript?

The answer is simple; choose an alternative. We all know that Adobe Flash is not an easy software; certainly not for the beginners.

The closest alternative that I’d prefer to use is a software called Swish Max. It has pretty much similar user interface like you could find in Adobe Flash Professional but somehow it is easier to use. You can do all these cool animations with a click of a button. Flash Professional on the other hand would let you open few options and typing up action-scripts in order to create animation (but of course you get more options and flexibility when creating animation)

There are tons of software out there that would let you make flash presentation; look for the ones that are easy to use.

What Happen If You Don’t Have Swish Max or any easier Alternatives?

If you don’t have any other alternatives or you already owned Adobe Flash Professional, another option is to buy or download Flash Templates and work from there. It is much easier than having to develop flash presentation from scratch.

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