Sign Documents Using Trackpad

I have to sign documents from time to time. The problem with signing documents is sometimes you have no time to sign them, and the version of these documents could change too. There are just too much of signing to do.

Electronic Document Signing is not new; traditionally you can do it by signing on a piece of blank paper and scan it. Now with track-pad and multitouch technology you can electronically sign documents from your PC just like signing a real piece of paper.

What You Need

  • A Macbook (recommended)
  • One of your Five Fingers or Pogo Sketch
  • Autograph App / Similar Software

With Autograph application you can sign documents by using your fingers but for a better results and more natural feeling of signing a document I recommend you get a Pogo Sketch. (It is one of those styluses you get during winter since you can’t use touch screen smartphones with your gloves on. Turns out the Pogo Sketch is good for signing electronic documents too!)

Do you really need it?

One thing that is good about electronic signing through the use of trackpad is unlike scanned autograph; this method produces better and more natural look of a signature.

How does it work?

Whatever you drew / signed on the trackpad will be converted to a fair quality image (transparent *png image). This app will work with most drawing applications too.

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