What’s Really Amazing About Photoshop CS5?

Few weeks ago we have posted an early overview on Adobe’s newest multimedia authoring series: Creative Suite 5 or simply CS5. You got to admit that Adobe had not been doing anything over the past many years. There weren’t much changes or evolution we could see from Photoshop Creative Suite 1 to Creative Suite 4 except few User Interface changes and couple of new tools that were not really what anyone would call ‘new’.

However, things will change with this new Creative Suite 5. In my honest opinion it is the first Adobe CS series in many years that is worth upgrading to.

One of the reasons why I feel that this is going to change the world of graphic design is this awesome new feature called ‘Content Aware’ in Photoshop CS5.

What makes it really “a must have feature” is because of the way it works is just so simple even a 3 year old could do it! Most of so called “new features” in most authoring software are really complicated to use, but Adobe has made its Content Aware technology simple and easy to work with. That is the most important thing software developers should deliver, regardless of Photoshop being Professional Authoring software. I think Photoshop should get easier to use and there is no reason for it to get more complicated every time Adobe has to release a new CS series. Adobe is on the right track, and I hope that they will be able to deliver more interesting innovations to the world of graphic design in years to come. Thanks Adobe!

You can download a 30-day trial version of Adobe Creative Suite 5 from Adobe.com

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