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iPad or Android tablets?

Similarly both iPad 2 and android tablets are wireless, portable & accessible to the young and older. Which is a better bet?

iMessage Not Working? Try This!

Is your iMessage app not working? Don’t worry probably it is just a temporary bug. There have been some reports about it not being functional for some users.

Jonathan Ive: Apple’s New Hope

After the passing of Steve Jobs, many doubts if Apple company could still survive in the competitive and the ever changing technology industry. Is there more talented people in the company?

Samsung Copies Apple

Is Samsung Copying Apple? See the comparisons between Samsung Galaxy Products and the Apple iPad. Were the lawsuits by Apple really necessary?

Beta Testing iOS 5

What’s so great about the new iOS 5? Will this be the best iOS version release by Apple yet? The new iOS5 beta 1 was released for Apple’s Developers and I am one of the few lucky people who get to test it first.

Keeping Up With The Gadgets

Learn how to stay updated. With new technology and cool gadgets invented every second, how do you keep up or stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest?