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Nokia Lumia 900

The world wants to stay connected always at a quicker pace, stay connected id the motto of every Nokia phone, it is been so ever since it came into existence. Version after version, handset […]

Motorola DROID 4 XT894

The selective phone meant for quality, is becoming the most trusted and the reliable phone, in the modern world. The new Motorola DROID 4 XT894 is one of the largest manufactured phone in the […]


This one is one of the handsets that is always in the news. There were innumerable rumors regarding the leakage of the phone, though it is yet to be released there were many who […]

Apple Jealous of Google?

Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt accuses Apple of being jealous. Earlier in March 20th, Apple filed lawsuits against the Taiwanese smartphone company, HTC, for infringing more than 20 Apple’s proprietary inventions from the user interface of an iPhone to its hardware and architecture.

Is Microsoft Losing Their ‘Cool’?

With more and more people abandoning Microsoft products, the tech giant company is struggling to gain back their ‘coolness’. Windows is becoming less relevant each and every day.