Macbook: Sleep or Shutdown?

Hola Macbook Owners! I’ve got this question a lot from the contact form. I hate the fact that I have to answer the same question over and over again and so I decided that I should write an article about it.

Question: Hey Nazz, I’ve got a Macbook Pro, I was wondering which is the better option when it comes to keeping the battery ‘healthy’. Should I Shutdown every time at the end of the day or should I close the lid and make it enter the sleep mode?

There are a lot of theories when it comes to Shut Down VS Sleep Mode. In the end, it will all comes down to your personal preferences. It depends on how you use your laptop and what kind of user are you? To make it very clear I’m gonna describe how both of these features work on a Macbook.


The good: Uses less energy and you can get to your computer as soon as you reopen the notebook lid. the bad: the parts are still running since it is not completely turned off.


The good: Everything is turned off so obviously there’s no heat or anything coming out of the notebook. the bad: Let me rephrase that; everything is turned off except some of the parts that has to be kept running. Too much of shutting down and booting up your computer will significantly affect the Hard Drive’s performance. Is a turned off notebook really use no power at all? No, technically it is still running.

For most average users, Sleep Mode is simply the better option since it only uses some energy and the system resumes as soon as you reopen the lid.

the recommended way: Shutdown Your Macbook when you plan not to use it for more than 15 hours. If you’re only away for less than 13hours, lets say you sleep at 10pm and wake up the next day early in the morning and immediately use it, there is no need to shut down.

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