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Apple Uses the New iPad Air 2 to Regain its Hold in Global Tablet Market

Ipad Air 2

Apple is trying to buy its way into the bigger half of the tablet market with its new iPad, but there are doubts regarding how successful it will be. It has offered the tablet […]

Apple iTunes Hits Over 1 Billion Podcast Subscribers

Apple has recently celebrated a massive 1 billion subscriber milestone for podcasts on iTunes. It was more than eights years ago that Apple included podcasts as an important part of the iTunes store and […]

How To Unlock The iPhone 4S Quickly and Safely

You might have to Unlock an iPhone 4S, if you want to enjoy the full extent of its functions. This is because it opens up limitless possibilities, allowing you to access more applications and […]

How to Unlock iPhone Devices

IPhones are the phones to have these days. There are new versions coming out every now and then.  They have a variety of features that only a smart phone can have. Most iPhones come […]

iPad or Android tablets?

Similarly both iPad 2 and android tablets are wireless, portable & accessible to the young and older. Which is a better bet?

Jonathan Ive: Apple’s New Hope

After the passing of Steve Jobs, many doubts if Apple company could still survive in the competitive and the ever changing technology industry. Is there more talented people in the company?