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Why Google Nexus 6 is Smarter than Other Flagship Smartphones Right Now


Google may have been very sceptical about their new phablet venture, but lots of tech savvy people are still not sure about going with this device. Google’s adventurous project, Nexus 6 have already hit […]

Kindle Fire HD 7 vs Nexus 7

Amazon has released their new Kindle Fire HD tablets, and both the 7 and 8.9 inch versions are pretty well designed and feature a nice array of features. However, the Kindle Fire HD 7 faces […]

Jonathan Ive: Apple’s New Hope

After the passing of Steve Jobs, many doubts if Apple company could still survive in the competitive and the ever changing technology industry. Is there more talented people in the company?

Samsung Copies Apple

Is Samsung Copying Apple? See the comparisons between Samsung Galaxy Products and the Apple iPad. Were the lawsuits by Apple really necessary?

Why Relevancy in Website Design is Important?

Is the relevancy of design important for your website? Yes, a website that is visually stimulating can also lead to a websites online success but all boils down to relevance and accuracy.

Bookrest Lamp

The lamp gives you just the right amount of glow for you to do your night-reading without being too distracting. Place a book on top of the lamp and you get a cute little illuminating house. It’s a very cool lamp for the night-time readers.