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Sony’s PlayStation Vue to Offer Unique and Powerful TV Experience


When the arch-rival Microsoft has released an update for Xbox which enabled extraordinary features like in the device, like social media integration, live TV on demand and many more, surely an update from Sony […]

Xbox One Update to Provide Better Gaming Experience

Xbox One - Microsoft booth

If you are into hard-core gaming, then surely you know nothing can match the gaming experience like in Xbox, unless you own an ‘alienware’ machine. Since its arrival, the founder of Microsoft constantly tried […]

Why Are Sucky Browser Games So Addictive?

Sucky. There is no other word for it. What other word can adequately describe a ‘game’ which has you waiting a long time before you can get the resources you need to make a […]

Will Game Consoles Die Off?

Considering how fast desktop computer technology evolves and how quickly chip capacity grows, it may seem downright absurd if not puzzling why consoles are even on the market. Of course, we know the stock […]

Can The Elder Scrolls Online Revive The MMORPG Space?

Considering how much World of Warcraft revolutionized the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) entertainment space, it seems almost awkward to ask if The Elder Scrolls Online will revive the MMORP space. But, […]

Sony Introduces The PlayStation 4

It’s been many years since the current console generation started, and most gamers would agree that the PlayStation 3 is now obsolete, with old hardware which needs to be updated. Thankfully this week Sony […]