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Is The Call Of Duty Series A Rip-Off?

Whenever the fall season rolls around, gamers the world over knows it means two things: the Holiday shopping season and yet another Call of Duty release. Yes, Call of Duty’s annual release schedule has […]

Have MMORPG’s Hit A Dead-End?

When World of Warcraft first broke on the scene, all hell broke loose in the world of online gaming. Prior to WOW, most online games were small time and small-scale affairs. Little worlds with […]

Most Anticipated Games Of 2013

Although 2012 brought us additions to Halo, Assassins Creed, Forza and Call of Duty, 2013 will herald some of the most anticipated titles in the video game sector. Here is the list of the […]

Mass Effect 3 Groundside Resistance DLC Pack

The Groundside Resistance DLC Pack that BioWare created for Mass Effect 3 is now available and you can expect a lot of new weapons. You can download the pack via Origin, Xbox Live and PSN Network […]

Top 4 3D Android Games

Android has been on the market for more than 3 years now, and it has really grown into a very capable, very flexible operating system that can do pretty much anything you’d expect it to […]

Nintendo 3DS XL Review

The Nintendo 3DS was the first main stream gaming device to bring glasses-free 3D to the market. However, just like with every product, people had issues with it, mainly its size. We’re not sure if […]