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Hotel Wi-Fi Linking Hackers to Traveling Entrepreneurs


Top executives representing important companies and traveling entrepreneurs should be wary of the security of all the secrets buried in their devices. These are people who carry a lot of secrets including account information, […]

The Future of Computing

With talented technology innovator like Steve Jobs gone; Nadzrul predicts the future of computing. How will the computers look like in the next five years?

My Thoughts on Chromebook

Google has announced their very own laptop called the Chromebook. Is it worth the money? Is Chrome OS a good alternative to Windows or Mac? What’s so great about Google’s notebook?

Windows 8 Unveiled

The people at Microsoft officially announced the next generation of Microsoft’s Operating System, Windows 8. It comes with a nice ‘tablet-like’ user interface with interesting multitasking features.

Reasons to ‘Stay Windows’

A Macbook Pro can be an amazing notebook for anyone. However there are certain things that makes you want to stay ‘Windows’. Is Mac good for gaming?

Laptops No Longer For Your Laps

Do you like working on your couch with laptop on your lap? Well don’t. Turns out, laptops were never made to be placed on your laps. Find out why Apple Macbook has been advertised as Notebook and not Laptop.