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Hotel Wi-Fi Linking Hackers to Traveling Entrepreneurs


Top executives representing important companies and traveling entrepreneurs should be wary of the security of all the secrets buried in their devices. These are people who carry a lot of secrets including account information, […]

LG and Motorola to Continue Fight to Get the Right from Google over Lollipop Upgrade Issue

LG vs Motorola

The race is continued between rival manufacturers for providing the latest Android OS 5.0 update to own smartphones before others can do that. It was speculated that Google’s most prized OS Android will make […]

Pirate Bay Founder Found Guilty of Hacking

The Pirate Bay Main Page

  A Danish court has sentenced Gottfrid Warg, the co-founder of BitTorrent website The Pirate Bay, to 42 months of imprisonment, after the Swedish computer specialist was found guilty of hacking computers and downloading […]

Top 5 Free Music Streaming Services

Buying music these days is not necessary, even if you are trying to go the legal route. Thanks to the music industry losing billions of dollars to piracy, many execs are starting to realize that […]

Is Software Piracy Good For The Tech Industry?

I know this might seem like heresy but please ease up on the pitchforks and torches. Hear me out. First of all, you have to agree that there is a lot of software out […]

Windows 8 – The Renewal Of The Microsoft Era

Microsoft іѕ оn thе rise wіth thе upcoming release оf Windows 8. Microsoft hаѕ revamped Windows and transformed it into а touchscreen-friendly OS that works with their tablets, PC’s, аnd оthеr touchscreen devices. Thе interface […]