Xbox One Update to Provide Better Gaming Experience

If you are into hard-core gaming, then surely you know nothing can match the gaming experience like in Xbox, unless you own an ‘alienware’ machine. Since its arrival, the founder of Microsoft constantly tried to upgrade it for better functionality with several versions. Recently in October, 2014 Microsoft has released an update for Xbox which by the company’s claim to make the Xbox smarter and the gaming experience classic like never before. The new Xbox update consists updates for several options like Friends, Achievements, Snap Center, TV function and more. It was earlier speculated that the company is working to bring new features to console like adding backgrounds and tweeting with game play etc.

Xbox One - Microsoft booth

Tech experts are saying this feature will add more fun on Xbox One. In each console, a member will be able to set a background or a theme to their profile. This background or theme will appear when the gamer will sign in into the account. Pictures or themes can be selected to make the background from USB drives or from hard disc. Tweeting with game play; It gives gamers more power with Xbox One to share their skill with friends over social media. New update includes share button whenever a game clip is available. Gamer will have to create an in-game clip and click the share button.

Xbox One console will offer a refreshed look for user profile after this update. Gamer will be able to update their current location and the bio. On the consoles like Xbox One and Xbox Smart Glass, gamers will be able to view others profiles and also the showcased items. According to, gamers now can read others comment in real time with the new Live TV and Twitter integration. Some other updates, like Twitter TV trending, Live TV trending etc., are on their way to be released. Mini Guide can be used to set a favorite channel. Gamers with Xbox One will now enjoy the benefit of an updated store. The store pages are modified to promote better surfing and easy finding. Users will be able to see the games played by their friends within the Smart Glass.

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