Amazon’s Echo Speaker Alexa to Compete with Likewise of Siri

Amazon Echo
There is nothing like having a personal assistant, isn’t it? And that too when the assistant is as smart as our technologies, Yes, automation is on our way of life. We already have voice command software like Siri for Apple, but have you ever thought a portable speaker can answer you and will help you in shopping by adding items to the cart? If you are still confused, here is the thing. Amazon has launched a smart, cylindrical speaker, called ‘Echo’, which will perform a series of smarter tasks to automate things. User will be able to stream music and it will understand the voice command about ordering something from Amazon online store and it will add that product to cart. Echo will act as alarm and timer too. We guess now you are convinced enough.

A lot of expert thinks, ‘Echo Speaker’ is the Amazon’s answer to other country based tech giants like Apple and Microsoft. Just like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s voice manager is named as ‘Alexa’. So, it lets you know about the date, time and weather updates, even you can crack a joke in case you are getting bored. User can ask it to play songs of a specific genre and as the speaker will be connected to Wi-Fi and with Amazon’s cloud-computing service, it will queue up music from the internet.

The Echo Speaker contains seven microphones on the top. According to the company’s claim, user can place it anywhere in a room and can instruct from another, still it will catch the voice clearly. Amazon has said that the device will understand the user’s voice pattern and pronunciations with time. It sports 360-degree firing speaker, which will fill your entire room with music. The speaker has Bluetooth support and also able to play songs from Amazon’s online library.

According to the critics, Amazon is offering something which consumers already have in their smartphone. This device is priced at $199. However, Amazon is offering a $100 discount for this device to the members of Amazon’s Prime Fast-Shipping program. If you already have voice command software like Siri, probably you won’t be much interested in Alexa. But in case you are hearing about this for the first time, you may ask for help from Alexa!

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