Oppo is Hoping to Get the Baton of Emerging Smartphone Market in South-East Asia

Oppo Smartphone

China-based smartphone manufacturer Oppo is making a lot of buzz in market in recent times, as they are being considered as the next potential bidder to get the baton of budget smartphone market. When Samsung is experimenting with higher graphics and metal chassis phones, Oppo is giving serious competition to Apple in bringing thinnest smartphone in the market and surprisingly Oppo took the lead by manufacturing super-slim 5.5 inch smartphone, which is thinnest smartphone so far. Being quite a newcomer in this business, Oppo may not have a loyal fan base like its compatriot Xiaomi, but the company is working hard and assembling phones with incredible features, which in turn are working to set a brand name. Recently, Oppo has launched its first range of smartphones, N3 and R5, in an event held at Singapore and made the brand’s official appearance to journalists, distributors and partners.

According to market experts, the company has chosen a right time to step up for smartphone business, as Samsung had devastating third quarter growth report and subsequently Lenovo and Xiaomi head up in the global competition. Oppo already has a bold figure in Chinese supermarket with wide range of speakers and miscellaneous IT products, but now the company spending its capital in manufacturing smartphones. It is to be noted that unlike China-Japan based companies like Samsung and Lenovo, Oppo has fixed their eye to mid-to-high range smartphones and will also manufacture budget smartphones, which in turn made Xiaomi popular as well.

According to a spokesperson, big markets in America and Europe have gone to a saturated state and Asian market is still growing with rapid pace. Oppo may not have a huge brand name, but the company sees the future of the brand with positivity. As a part of Oppo’s global expansion strategy, the company is eyeing to start with south-east Asia, Africa and Middle East. It is clear that the company is playing safe is its budding stage by targeting the emerging market, which can be effective for their growth strategy. It may seem slow, but the company is hoping to get steady growth rate.

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