4 Must-Have Apps For The Mac

When you get your first Mac one of the first things people do is begin adding programs to it. The built-in apps may be enough for many, but there are lots of developers who continually product great Mac apps. Today we’ll be going through the top 4 must have apps for your new iMac or Macbook Pro.


iWork is the number one must-have set of programs for both students and those who use their Mac for work. These office apps rival MS Office and perform much of the same functions. There’s Pages for building word processing documents, Numbers for editing spreadsheets and Keynote for creating presentations.

Price: $19.99 per program


For cloud storage there are plenty of options, from Google Drive to SugarSync. But the best choice for the Mac is the Dropbox app. With Dropbox, users can sync their files from their Mac to any other device such as their iPhone, iPad or even a Windows PC. When a change is made to a file on one of your machines it gets updated on Dropbox’s servers. That way, when you turn on another device your files are updated to the latest version. Now you can say goodbye to carrying memory sticks around or emailing files to yourself.

Price: Free


The Trillian app for the Mac is a must have app for instant messaging. With this app you can communicate with users from Facebook, Windows Live, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, GTalk and Twitter. This third party app is superior than Mac’s own iMessage app since it supports a broader range of IM services. An added feature is the ability to sync your Mac with Trillian for the iPhone so you can continue your conversations on the go. Too bad there’s no iPad version though but for Mac’s you can’t beat it.

Price: Free


Passwords should be kept safely and securely. They also should be difficult to guess. Often times this means creating passwords with numbers, capital and underscore letters and special symbols. But where do you store your passwords? If you keep them in a text file, it can be a lot of work to open the file, locate the password then input it. Now imagine if you use multiple devices? It can be downright impossible to log into your accounts with ease. With the 1Password app though it can be a breeze. This app will remember all of your secure passwords for you. It does more than that though. It has an iPhone and iPad app so you can take your passwords on the go. It also can remember your credit card information and personal info to make filling out online forms easier. The only downside is the large price tag.

Price: $49.99

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