Laptops No Longer For Your Laps

Do you like working on your couch with laptop on your lap? Well don’t. Turns out, laptops were never made to be placed on your laps. This is not a good habit and could endanger your health!

Skin Damage May Occur

Some of the PC users have reported bumpy skin on their laps, no itch or anything. The heat from laptop could burn and damage your skin.

Toasted Skin Syndrome

It might sound ridiculous but it does exist. This condition arises when people rest a hot laptop on their skin (laps) for a long period of time. In one case, a young boy developed sponge-patterned skin discoloration on his laps due to the long usage of laptop; after playing computer games for hours long.

You can Google it if you’d like to see some images, I’m not gonna put them on here, this ain’t no Health Blog!.

The reason why Macbook is advertised as Notebook and not Laptop

Apple recommends their customers to use Macbook on a desk or other flat surface. There’s a warning in the Macbook’s manual recommending users not to put Macbooks on their laps, and not surprisingly the word ‘laptop’ does not appear in the manual.

If you got a laptop, just remember that it still should be placed on the desk, never on your lap.

How do you guys use your laptop?

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