My Thoughts on Chromebook

“Ready when you are?” Okay Google, we’ll see you in 10 years.

The internet giant company, Google, has announced the Chromebook (Google’s notebook with their very own operating system). Chromebook is the Google attempt to take on Apple’s Macbooks and Microsoft Windows-based PCs.

Defining Chromebook

What exactly is a Chromebook? Pretty much it is a laptop without built-in internal storage since all the data are being stored in the Cloud server. It runs 100% web applications like YouTube, Facebook and most of the stuff you can normally do on any other Personal Computer with various form factors. Is it an innovation? Kind of. Is it a new thing? No.

Nothing but the web. You can access the internet via Wifi and 3G, it works almost flawlessly except what if you don’t have an internet access? Simple, It won’t work then.

The Problem

I believe in the revolution of the Internet. It is a technology that is already big and it is going to grow even bigger. However, today’s internet is not perfect yet. There may not be viruses on Web Server, but there are security issues. Saving your work and files on the Cloud server also means that you have to live by sharing your personal data with Google. Over 95% of the PC applications are made available for Windows and Mac (or for god sake Linux). Sure Google Chromebook has Angry Birds, but if I really want Angry Birds, I’d get an iPad.

It is not a laptop, not a tablet. It’s almost like a tablet except that it has a full physical keyboard, no touchscreen and no internal storage.

Not to mention that the Chromebook is $300. You can get a full working Windows-based PCs with that much. When the internet is fast and secure, maybe that will be time for Google Chrome, but as for now I’m going to say ‘No’ to Google’s notebook.

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