LG and Motorola to Continue Fight to Get the Right from Google over Lollipop Upgrade Issue

The race is continued between rival manufacturers for providing the latest Android OS 5.0 update to own smartphones before others can do that. It was speculated that Google’s most prized OS Android will make its first appearance with Google Nexus devices. But a reported flaw in battery consumption delayed the probable launch with Nexus. However, leaked streams are reporting that Motorola is going to make live the upgrade with Moto G and Moto X. Motorola is facing tough competition as LG Electronics is also bragging for rights to provide Android OS 5.0 for the first time with its smartphones.

The latest android OS is named as Android 5.0 lollipop, following the earlier trend of naming after popular foods like Ice-cream sandwich, KitKat etc. LG vs MotorolaMotorola’s official forum Mobility has posted specification and instructions about the upgrade details. It is reported that on Wednesday, a few users with factory unlocked Moto G could upgrade the android. Earlier, LG electronics announced to upgrade their G3 smartphone this week and Poland will be the first region to get the upgrade with G3.

As Google already found a battery consumption issue on Lollipop, it is very much understandable why both LG and Motorola making the new android available to a small region at first. Both the companies are taking time to spot flaws and to get responses before making it live for the whole world.

Google teased this latest OS for the first time at Google’s I/O conference held in June. Leaked images and reports say that Android Lollipop has fresh look, smoother accessing feel, new features like battery saver function, improved notification and data encryption etc. Lollipop has the added support to 64-bit processors, which was long due from the manufacturer. It is likely that Android Lollipop is coming with improvement in runtime functioning.

According to market experts, this move by android-based smartphone manufacturers is somehow a key to answer Apple to what they do when the company release iOS. Apple has shown its potential each time during iOS launch by making it available through-out the world instantly after the release. LG and Motorola may be trying to prove that Android-based manufacturers can provide the updates to the user instantly too.

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