Top 5 Free Music Streaming Services

Buying music these days is not necessary, even if you are trying to go the legal route. Thanks to the music industry losing billions of dollars to piracy, many execs are starting to realize that charging people $10 and $15 for a CD may be a bad idea after all when consumers have wide tastes in music.

With streaming music, most of it is add supported and the songs music can be carried around with you wherever you have an internet connection. What follows is a list of some of the best free streaming music options available currently.


It’s the veteran in the music streaming world and with a recent HTML5 player update, it’s one of the best internet radio and music streaming options available. The ability to create a radio based on an artist, song or genre is great and thanks to the Music Genome Project, it’s pretty accurate.

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is another internet music streaming service that we have fallen in love with. While it does not carry as wide a selection of music as Pandora, it is still great and for the most part has been very accurate in playing music associated with our tastes and likes. It excels in mainstream music though, something Pandora is lacking.


One of our favorites, Grooveshark allows you to create custom playlists and you can add almost any song you want. It also allows you to upload songs from your personal collection that can be played by other users. While the legality has been questioned in recent times with its app being pulled from both the App Store and Google Play, it still remains one of the most popular online music streaming options.


MOG is like Grooveshark except it also has paid options and it is 100% legal as well. With free access you can create playlist and music libraries that can be listened to in your browser. They have paid options that take away the ads as well as gives mobile access and unlimited download options. According to MOG, they have 15 million songs. Based on what we have seen and heard, except for the Beetles, most of your favorite bands and artists are there.


Out of all, Spotify is our favorite. Not only does it offer a streaming music option that allows you to create playlists. You also have free internet radio for both desktop and mobile (Android and iOS). Spotify has well over 16 million songs in its library, and if you’re willing to pay, you can get unlimited streaming as well as offline listening for the right price. But even without the paid option, Spotify remains our favorite online streaming music option. Couple that with the social media integration that allows you to share your music with your Facebook friends, and you have the perfect tool for enjoying and discovering new music with your friends. They even have a 30-day free trial for the paid version.

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