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Mac OS X Lion Now Available at the App Store

Mac OS X Lion is now available for $29.99 purchase at the Mac App Store. Later in August Apple will also provide Mac OS X Lion installation in the form of USB thumb drive at $69.

How to Start Saving Money with Mac

It has come to my awareness that I got to start spending less money starting immediately. After downloading and trying out a few apps on the Mac, I’ve discovered certain apps that could help me saving money in a cool and fun way.

Macbook: Sleep or Shutdown?

For most average users, Sleep Mode is simply the better option since it only uses some energy and the system resumes as soon as you reopen the lid. There are tons of theories when it comes to Shut Down VS Sleep Mode. It will all comes down to your personal preferences.

Should You Switch to Apple Mac?

I’ve been using my Macbook Pro for about 2 months now, and it’s been great! It is the fastest, most elegant personal computer you’ll ever had. Is it worth the investment? Should you switch to Macintosh? Are Macs good for gaming?